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Skincare can get complex. Don’t know how often to cleanse your skin or how often to moisturise? Annique takes you back to basics with these expert tips on what makes our skincare approach different…


Cleansing only once a day, in the evening, ensures that the skin’s pH is not disturbed too much. If your skin’s pH is off-balance, it could lead to ageing problems.

Did you know? It is recommended that you exfoliate 2-3 times a week in order to stimulate blood circulation and promote a clearer skin.


Moisturiser can be applied up to eight times during the day. Just like you drink water when you are thirsty, you need to apply moisturiser to your skin as often as it needs it.

Did you know? You should press moisturiser onto your face as it is a gentler way to apply your skincare products. It also helps to minimise how much you’ll pull or drag on your skin.


80% of skin ageing is caused by sun damage so it is important to apply sunscreen as part of your skincare routine


When you apply a traditional toner after cleansing, you essentially close your pores before you apply anti-ageing, treatment or moisturising products. At Annique, we apply Freshener last, before all other skincare products so that the products draw into the skin before we close the pores. 

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