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The first 90 days in your career as an Annique Consultant is your Fast Start period. At Annique, we know that the more products you use and have on hand to sample, the more your customers will buy. That is why we reward you, as a new Consultant, and your Sponsor with FREE product rewards or cash that can be used to add to the samples you use to demonstrate or to add to the products you sell, your choice.

Consultant Ria van der Hoff shared with us why she decided to join Annique and how she reached the three Fast Start targets so exceptionally well.

1. How has being an Annique Consultant changed your life?
I joined Annique in March 2017 and wow, what a journey it has been so far! I absolutely love marketing, even though I have no formal training. As an Annique Consultant I can do what I love, and sell a product that changes people’s lives.

2. What makes your Annique business unique/special?
I have a very special way of connecting and communicating with my clients. I believe my service is outstanding and I do not only sell Annique, I educate my clients about all the Annique products that are available.

3. What is your dream for your Annique Business?
Irma Viljoen, my sponsor and mentor in Annique, is a great inspiration to me. Her mother left her an Annique legacy and that is my dream: to leave a sustainable legacy the same way Irma’s mother did.

4. Which Annique activity is your favourite and why?
Pamper Parties, or as I would like to call them “Annique information days”. This is where I can introduce Annique to new clients and educate existing clients on the use of new products.

5. How do you communicate with your downline and fellow Consultants?
I communicate through WhatsApp. I have an Annique Broadcast group and my downline has access to that group as well. They can instantly share my information and marketing tips with their clients on a regular basis.

6. How do you grow your business and what is your recruitment tip to other Consultants?
Do not only sell the product. Inform your clients on all the different uses and applications of a specific product. Secondly, as a Consultant you need to do three things: marketing, marketing, marketing!

7. Which tools and platforms do you use to promote your business?
Annique documents on the Enterprise Portal were a tremendous help to me. Training at Home Office is a big yes and I would recommend it to all new Consultants. I have a Facebook page and an Annique WhatsApp Broadcast Group. I am also the owner/webmaster of a community based website in my area that provides a platform for Annique marketing.

8. Can you share with us one tip that has made a difference in your Annique Business?
Use the product on yourself so that you can testify to the products. Your clients follow your example and believe in you as their Consultant and, I cannot emphasise this enough, know your product range because then you will have the confidence that it takes to sell a world class product like Annique.

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