At Annique our aim is to create life-changing opportunities every day! Through direct selling, this dream can become a reality and we are so proud of those who have made their Annique businesses a great success.

We asked Rika Stander, from Port Elizabeth, a few questions to get insight into why she became a direct seller and what makes her Annique business unique.

  1. Why did you decide to become part of the Annique family?

Annique became a Plan B when I started to get uncomfortable in my job as a financial manager. I resigned at the end of September 2013 to do Annique full time. But the door that opened with Annique was much more than starting my own business. It was life changing in such a way that I can honestly say that I discovered who Rika really was. Best of all, Annique is my “vehicle” to my greater purpose which is inspiring women to believe in themselves and become financially independent. What an amazing journey!

  1. How do you grow your business and what is your recruitment tip to other Consultants?

Recruit with your heart – that is the only way. If you don’t have it in your heart to help others, you will never grow your business. Caring enough about someone in need of a job or additional income to offer them the Annique opportunity will make recruiting simple, fun and easy. Have a dream that is bigger than anything you ever thought you could reach. Write it down where you can see it and then start focusing on the “what” and the “how’ part. What you do and how you do after that, determines your success. When you are done with an activity, assess your success and if it did not give you the desired outcome, change your strategy. Never give up. Work with what you have got. Always remember, your attitude determines your success.

  1. What makes your Annique business unique/special?

I meet wonderful people every day. My clients become my friends. I’ve never had so many friends in my life! I get all my energy from people. My colleagues – my downline – make me excited. They are absolutely amazing women who are always trying their best to grow on a personal and business level. Best of all – they are fun to be with. I am in a happy place every time I walk into my home-based office. There is not one day that is the same, which is so refreshing to me. I use WhatsApp, My website, Facebook, charity events, high teas, social groups like gym and other forums to promote my business, and I hold exhibitions and talks at school and other events. I also find that the tea info from my self-designed tea pamphlet makes people interested.


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