Being an Annique Consultant can be challenging at times. Organising your Pamper Parties, Team activities, customer service, stock, expenses and not to mention your personal responsibilities can sometimes be overwhelming, right!

Planning your time can effectively ease this burden, and allow you to focus more on the fun stuff in your business. However, the discipline of proper planning, especially if you are not a planner by nature and enjoy more to ‘go-with-the-flow’, will reap many benefits.

Use your Annique Diary 2018 to help plan your year now, so when the new year hits, you already have established your business goals and a broad framework of achieving them. Here are some tips.

STEP 1: Start with your business goals for the year

It might be sales, teambuilding, more income, qualifying for the overseas incentive or a combination of the four. Break these goals down in to 12 (months) and write them down for each month of the year in the “Track My Targets to Success” section in the front section of your 2018 Annique Diary.

STEP 2: Complete your year planner in the “The Year Ahead 2018” section in your 2018 Annique Diary

  • Be sure to add your personal commitments to your “The Year Ahead 2018”. Include holidays and other times you need to spend with your family, and plan your business goals around these. You need downtime and make an effort to take at least time out every 3 months to refresh and renew.
  • Next, plan your activities to achieve the goals set in step 1. Here you need to broadly determine how many new customers, Pamper Parties, Team Meetings, Wow Meetings, and other activities you need to achieve your goals every month. Plan these in the “The Year Ahead 2018” planner.
  • Add important dates for Annique Home Office events, like ATM, Première, Kickstart your Business and Boost Your Business (these will be available in the January Replique).

STEP 3: Plan the next 3 months in some detail

  • Now that you have your year broadly planned, take time to plan the next three months (January to March 2018) in detail.
  • This allows you to set clear goals, diarise these goals and complete daily tasks you can complete on your own to reach these goals. Use the monthly themes and important topical dates on p.5 and 6 of your 2018 Annique Diary for inspiration.

STEP 4: Plan weeks and days in more detail

  • Break the goals you set in Step 1 down into weekly goals and write them down. Goal setting is important in business. Each week write down a goal that you want to accomplish. It could as simple as hosting a Pamper Party or maybe you want to gain a new recruit. Write it out and plan how you’ll achieve this goal.
  • Set time aside in your week for customer contact, admin (orders, updating client cards, team motivation, event planning, stock management and expense tracking). Or better yet, get a student to help you with this once or twice a week.
  • Plan January now by setting daily goals (break your weekly goals up into smaller goals to achieve each day.) You need to plan your January now, as December will probably only allow enough time for sales and recruitment. Make a note or set reminders to complete daily planning by the second last week of every month for the following month.

STEP 4: Set reminders to plan the rest of the year’s detail and follow through!

Use your cell phone to set reminders to plan:

  1. April to June by 28 February 2018
  2. July to September by 31 May 2018
  3. October to December by 31 August 2018

Planning is one thing, but reality certainly is another. Your plans might change slightly or profoundly, depending on how your year tracks. Adjust plans and strategies if they don’t work, yet be sure to plan for them, so you can have enough time to enjoy the good things in your business, like changing lives, coaching new team members, spending time with your customers and enjoying the fruits of your labour.



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