We caught up with one of Annique’s bright and shining new Annique Consultant, Rudolf van Wyk, to talk about all things Annique, his favourite product to sell and most importantly, Recruitment.

1. Why did you originally decide to join Annique?

My mother has been part of Annique for the last 30 years and she was not very active with her Annique business the past 10 years. My mother is a very outgoing person, and when she retired she started feeling bored, lonely and perhaps even a little depressed. Elizma and I share the same passion for Indoor Netball and she contacted me and asked me to get my mother involved in Annique again. After getting my mother up and running, I saw the potential in this business and decided to join.

2. How has being an Annique Consultant changed your life?

“It’s about how I can use Annique to improve and change other peoples lives for the better”. For example, I introduced Annique to our “house manager” Alice Gqiba. She was very sceptical at first but when she started using the products herself she saw the true potential of what Annique could offer her…and the rest is history. She is my Success Story and I am very proud of what she has achieved the past 3 months.

This in return has given me satisfaction to witness the opportunities that Annique creates for people from all walks of life, how it inspires them and provides them with the means to take care of their families and sometimes even spoil them.

3. Which Annique activity is your favourite and why?

I enjoy the training sessions I provide to my Consultants. During each training session you can see how people grow and their knowledge becomes more in-depth, where they also start taking complete control over their lives and businesses.

4. What is your favourite product to sell and why?

It would most definitely be the Resque Camphor Cream. It is truly an amazing product and helps for almost any skin ailment from razor burn to dry feet.

5. How do you grow your business and what is your recruitment tip to other Consultants, especially with regards to recruiting men into the business?

I grow my business by investing in people. The more you develop your people the faster your business grows. My tip is to always make time to talk to your Consultants, ask them what they are battling with. Help and motivate them. Always put your Consultants first above your own sales. They are the ones that make your business.

Although Annique includes primarily a female market, men have become more conscious about themselves, their health and the way they look. Instead of trying to make a hard sell, I would rather offer him a product to try, asking him to let me know what he thinks of it. After which, I would then explain to him the ABC Success Plan, appealing to his business mind, and from there the Recruitment process organically starts. Men sometimes run away when they hear ‘health and beauty’, therefore your approach is most important! You have to be strategic!

6. How do you host a Pamper Party specifically for men?

I would not necessarily call it ‘Pamper Party’. I would rather approach it as a social night, strategically bringing in the products as the night continues. Letting them try products that they feel could benefit from and then get their feedback from that.


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