Resque Range

Smile restored with Resque

Resque Crème
My cousin, Errol Field, 55, came to visit with swollen lips which prevented him from talking properly. The reason for the swelling was that he had reacted to a flu injection, which he got the previous day. I immediately sprayed him with Resque Mist and as soon as it was dry, I applied Resque Crème. I did this twice over two hours. By the time he left, the swelling was gone and he could speak properly – with a smile!

Rescue Creme speeds up my healing process

Recently, at the age of 62, I had to undergo knee replacement surgery. A week after my stitches were removed, I started using Resque Crème. This was the only product that I used. In the beginning, I used the cream three times a day. Later on I only used it twice a day – in the morning and at night. I massaged it well into my scar. The cream rubs on easily and smoothly. After a few weeks, I noticed that my scar was healing very well. I have recommended this cream to my sister, who also had a total knee replacement.

ZeroAche helps hiker's feet take the punch

Recently, I decided to walk the Camino de Santiago – a French route that starts from St Jean Pied de Port. This meant that I would have to walk 807 km by foot with a rucksack!

During the entire 31 days of the walk, I massaged Resque ZeroAche+ into my knees every night, as well as into my feet to ensure that I would not get blisters. I had no blisters whatsoever, while all the other hikers around me suffered from bloodied blisters. I could complete the entire route with happy feet that were able to take the punch!

Thanks Annique – I will most definitely recommend Resque ZeroAche+ to hikers.

Allergy Resque

I have been suffering from chronic allergies for years. The medication I was using, lead to severe hair loss. By the time I met Annique Consultant, Tersia van der Schyff, I had almost no hair left.

I took her advice and started using Resque Crème and Resque Hair Nutrition+. After using it for four months, I finally have my hair back.

ZeroAche+ to the Resque

Stephan Neetling, a 78-old man from Sandbaai in Hermanus, has struggled with hip pain for a few years now, but about four months before I started treating him, the pain got so bad that he was struggling to walk. I prescribed Resque ZeroAche+ and after the first application, he could already feel the difference. Within the first week, he could begin walking and today he doesn’t even feel the pain anymore. He can walk normally again and was in tears when he told us how Resque ZeroAche+ has improved his life.

Resque from muscle spasms

Resque ZeroAche
A friend of mine phoned to ask if Annique had a product that helps fibro myalgia syndrome. She told me that she could not even walk. Her muscles were in spasms, but she had a big project at work and could not afford to take time off. I know that this condition affects the muscles and causes them to go into spasms, so I recommended Resque ZeroAche+ together with Rooibos Relax Tea. The next day I got this message: “Thank you for the cream. I’m sure you gave it to me with lots of love. My legs felt much better today – I cannot tell you how good it feels! I have regained my zest for life! Wow that’s great! I would really recommend this product to others. Thank you.”



The secret to shiny, poker straight hair

Resque Hair Nutrition
My Consultants and clients with long hair, are all seen with thick, luscious locks. They all share the same secret: Resque Hair Nutrition+! Before using a straightener, apply Resque Hair Nutrition+ to wet hair. Wait for hair to dry, before applying more Resque Hair Nutrition+. This will shorten the time spent on straightening your hair. Hair is also left shiny and soft!

Hair-colour remover

I colour my own hair and one evening without me noticing, I got hairdye on my face. Only a full 55 minutes later, I noticed the stains on my forehead, down one side of my nose, my jawline and eyebrow! I tried everything to remove them – from tissue oil to scrub to cleanser – to no avail! Then inspiration struck. I thought that hair dye is just make-up for your hair and applied my Colour Caress Gentle Make-up Remover and voila, no more stains! The relief was enormous and as a bonus my skin looked great after all the other products… All in all a win-win situation.

Acne Resque

Synergy Clean and Calm 2-in-1 Masque and Scrub
My younger brother, who is 15 years old, developed acne especially around his brow area. He started using Synergy Clean and Calm 2-in-1 Masque and Scrub, Face Facts Crystal Clear and Face Facts Skin Nutrition. Within a month his skin was looking much better. He liked the mint smell of Synergy Clean and Calm 2-in-1 Masque and Scrub. It didn’t dry out his skin either. His skin healed without any scarring.

Pigmentation problem solved

Sensi Crème
One of my clients from Swaziland, Reagan, asked me for help with pigmentation on her face that she had had for years. She had tried everything and felt helpless, but I recommended she use Essense Miracle Tissue Oil, Sensi Cream and Derma Bright, as well as Resque Crème on the marks. She also borrowed a DermaLift I from her friend, which she used for a month.

After two months she returned to buy more products and to my surprise asked, “You don’t know who I am, do you?” I looked at her for a moment and didn’t recognise her. When she told me that she was Reagan, I could not believe it! I immediately grabbed my camera and took photos of this amazing transformation.

Skin-healing properties save face

Ronnie Cooper, 95, had patches of dark, brown, crusting skin on his face. Shortly after that he fell and seriously injured his face. His skin was torn and severely bruised. The doctor prescribed cortisone ointment, but it had no effect. I then gave him Resque Crème and Essense Miracle Tissue Oil to use.

His face healed beautifully and those horrible, dark crusts became soft and then disappeared. The areas are still slightly pinkish, but the results are absolutely amazing!

Swollen eye cured with Rooibos

RooibosIf there are still those out there who think that all the talk about the healing properties of Rooibos is just so much soft sell, they should really think again. One Monday, I woke with a very nasty infection in one eye. It was red and swollen – conjunctivitis for sure.

The whole day I used antihistamine eyedrops, but with no effect. In fact, the redness got worse, and by the end of the day my poor eye was sagging and closing up. I decided that I should go to the pharmacist the next day to see if he could recommend treatment. As it turned out, I decided on the Tuesday that I would rather try my own remedy first, before spending unnecessary time and money at the pharmacy. With that, I started using Rooibos tea that had cooled down as eyedrops, dripping a little into my eye, straight from the teabag, every half hour or so.

By that evening, the eye was looking much better. I repeated the treatment on Wednesday, and when I woke on Thursday morning, all the red had gone! Now just imagine the wonderful things happening in your body when you drink Rooibos. I have been converted all over again!



Annique products help children concentrate better

OptiCalMagAbout 200 children, ages 3 to 12, are enrolled in my independent primary school. Many children struggled with allergies, ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism.

One learner suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome, battled to socialise with the other children and he struggled to do his work. We had to watch him all the time, because he did not know how to behave around others. He would throw bricks at the other children. I started giving him Forever Healthy OptiCalMag in the evenings to make him sleep better.

He also started drinking Forever Healthy OptiFlora to help with his leaking toxins from the bowel. Children with Asperger’s Syndrome have a slow metabolism, which leads to toxins leaking into the bowel and going to the blood system.

He also drank Relax Herbal Rooibos tea when he got stressed and within 30 minutes we noticed a change in his behaviour. He is now able to sit still in class and work together with the others.

Our school has many children with learning difficulties, so I decided to give all the children Annique Rooibos tea. Within the first few days the teachers told me that they can see an improvement in the concentration of the children.

I also noticed that children were less aggressive.

Most children are now completely off medication and the other children are in the process of being weaned off as well. We don’t need Ritalin or Concerta, we have Annique.

Cancer patient benefits from Opti-Rooibos

OptiRooibosA close friend of mine, Nella, discovered a lump in her one breast last year at the age of 67. The diagnosis wasn’t good and she had to undergo a mastectomy immediately.

After the operation, I planned to pay her a visit at home. What does one give someone who has undergone so much trauma, I wondered. Flowers, chocolates? My eye fell on Super Rooibos, now OptiRooibos, and I decided it was the perfect gift.

When she began to undergo chemo, she contacted me for a second bottle of Super Rooibos. She told me that she was coping so much better with the treatment than the other patients who were also undergoing chemo and radiation with her. She was even able to drive herself to the hospital and back. Her hair did not fall out either! When she began radiation therapy, her hair was affected, it became dry – but her hair did not fall out. Unlike many other patients she retained her appetite during treatment. She was taking one Super Rooibos capsule daily.

When she had run out of Super Rooibos, and stopped taking it, she noticed the difference immediately. In fact, the difference was so dramatic that she felt awful after the treatment, and she had to phone and ask her daughter to fetch her. After she began taking Super Rooibos again, she noticed that she did not feel ill again after the treatment and her strength returned. She started taking two capsules per day.

To this day she is cancer free and still taking Super Rooibos.


(Super Rooibos has been replaced by OptiRooibos. It contains the same powerful extracts as Super Rooibos.)

OptiVite for Hair Growth

OptiViteA year ago, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. I started feeling tired, lethargic and exhausted. One of the symptoms of Hypothyroidism is Alopecia which caused my hair to start falling out. I’ve been on my chronic medication for more than a year, which helped a bit, but I never really felt like my body was healing.

Two months ago, I was introduced to the Forever Healthy OptiVite multi-vitamins and within the first month my hair started growing back and my energy levels increased.

I’ve been taking the multi-vitamin for two months and I feel great, I don’t even feel the need to continue taking the chronic medication.

The Rooibos Lifestyle Shake helped me through cancer treatments

Rooibos Lifestyle Shake
I was diagnosed with stage-two breast cancer three years ago. My oncologist treated my cancer aggressively. I had to undergo four chemotherapy sessions every three weeks. After each session, I felt extremely nauseous. It was difficult to keep any food down. My daughter had to prepare special meals for me, which I was able to eat with effort.

Luckily, she saw an Annique advert and contacted the Consultant who was selling the products. I started taking the Rooibos Lifestyle Shake for breakfast, lunch and supper. It gave me plenty of energy!

The following year, I had to go for another four sessions of the Texotare chemotherapy – a very strong form of the treatment. The nausea returned, and once again I had to replace my meals with the Rooibos Lifestyle Shake. It gave me so much energy that I was able to work right through my chemo sessions.

Even during 26 sessions of radiation, I was able to carry on with my life.

I would recommend the Annique Rooibos Lifestyle Shake to anyone who has to undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatment, as it gives you the energy and stamina to continue with your life.

Soothing Anti-perspirant Roll-on is an excellent, affordable winner

My three teenage daughters and I suffer from excessive sweating. We are always on the lookout for an effective antiperspirant.

Miga (13), Marsel (14), Amanda (18) and I searched for a long time to find a roll-on which would control perspiration naturally, while totally eliminating body odour. There was no suitable product on the market. Finding the Annique The Spa Soothing Anti-perspirant Roll-on was a real blessing. I have no idea how we would cope without it. Teenagers, in particular, are very concerned about body odour and need peace of mind.

Armed with this wonderful product, we can be as active as we wish, yet still smell fresh as daisies for the entire day! We apply it once a day, in the mornings. The product keeps us dry, yet still allows a certain amount of sweat to perspire, so that the body can function naturally. No more searching! This product is natural, unequalled and it does not dry out the skin. Thanks for an excellent, affordable winner!

Talk-of-the-town teas

Night Rest Tea
I was giving two ladies a lift from town, when they started complaining about their health. I told them about the Rooibos teas I had and gave them each Rooibos Night Rest Tea. The next day, I passed the one lady’s house and saw her outside, so I stopped to ask her how she had slept. She replied that she slept so well and felt so active as a result. The next day, I passed again and she said she was feeling even better.

I saw similar results with a lady at church, whom I had given Rooibos Green, Relax, Colon Cleanse and Night Rest Teas. When others ask her why she is so active, she tells them to talk to me, which is how I manage to sell more teas each month.

I feel like myself again thanks to Forever Healthy

Opti_calmWhen my daughter drew a picture of the family in which I lay on a bed next to everyone else that was standing, I realised that I had to do something about my low energy levels and anxious personality. After blood tests and a handful of medication prescribed by my doctor and homeopaths, there still wasn’t much change. I felt hopeless and sceptical, but decided to try Forever Healthy OptiCalm and Forever Healthy OptiEnergy as a last resort. What an incredible result! I feel like myself and can fill my role as mother and wife with enthusiasm again, no matter how stressful my life becomes. And this without taking a handful of pills every day.

Thank you Annique, for helping me love him

Baby Rooibos Tea
Baby J was born at home to a tik-addict mother who had denied his existence since conception. He was left alone on a couch until the ambulance arrived to take him to hospital, where he spent six days before being discharged and placed in my care as his ‘safety mum.’

I knew that he was facing massive physiological, neurological, emotional and spiritual challenges and loved and nurtured him as best I could. I held him close to me at all times, massaged him, fed him formula and prayed for him. He quickly started healing emotionally and became very responsive to affection, but after two weeks he still had not picked up any weight – he was still at his birth weight of 2,3kg. He continued to bring up most of his feeds despite my best efforts. He also had runny stools, typical to tik-exposed babies due to toxin build-up.

Following the advice of an Annique Consultant, I started feeding him the Annique Rooibos Lifestyle Shake (Vanilla), made with Baby Rooibos Tea. I fed him this exclusively – one scoop of Shake every 24 hours in 500ml Baby Rooibos Tea. Within two days he was keeping his feeds in and his tummy had settled. I gradually introduced his formula again. I made his formula bottles with Baby Rooibos Tea. I added Annique Shake as a supplement. He gained 300g in 10 days.

The Spa on stand by

spa_bodyreamTwo days after I delivered a jar of The Spa Luxurious Body Cream that one of my clients had ordered, she ordered another two! I didn’t want to ask, but she told me that her husband is a diabetic, with very dry skin and that The Spa Luxurious Body Cream is the only cream that shows any results. He must have at least one jar on standby, since he is afraid he will run out of cream and I will not be home (they stay across the street from me).


Wound Healing

Burn wounds barely visible after using Annique

Miracle Tissue Oil
Eric Kruger had an accident with fire and suffered severe burns. I recommended that he use Resque Crème and Essense Miracle Tissue Oil. After using Annique products for just three months, he barely has visible marks left.

Wound finally heals

Lupus sufferer, Frances Schoeman had a small wound on her nose that didn’t want to heal. It is typical of auto-immune diseases, like Lupus, to interfere with the healing process. Desperate to see some improvement, Frances went to the doctor for help. Unfortunately, the ointments he prescribed didn’t help. She resorted to home remedies, but despite her efforts, her wound stayed opened. Finally she tried Essense Intense Repair Serum. Within three days her wound was healed!

Rapid healing of skin cancer

OptiToniQMy husband, Philip Anspach, 72, developed a small skin cancer spot on his left ear. Repeat applications of antiseptic creams did nothing to improve it. When his ear was against the pillow at night, the spot would bleed regularly.

I decided to treat it with OptiToniQ+. For several weeks I applied a few drops to the affected area, three times a day. An improvement was noticeable after just three days. I decided to continue doing this – the results were phenomenal.

The affected part of the ear is now completely healed! To ensure that there is no recurrence of the problem, my husband is now using Essense Miracle Tissue Oil every morning and night and the Essense Derma Block SPF 30 in the mornings.

Essense Miracle Tissue Oil helps heal skin on hands

About two years ago, my father, Koos Botes, tried to stop a wildfire from burning down his storeroom. In the process he got trapped by the fire and suffered severe third-degree burns to his hands, legs and ears. The skin on his hands was so badly burned that doctors had to take skin from his thigh to cover the wounds.

He started using Essense Miracle Tissue Oil. His friends couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw how well his hands have healed in a month’s time.

Annique helps heal leg wound

After one of my clients, Rita, suffered a wound of about 7cm x 5cm on her leg, I prescribed Resque Mist and Forever Healthy OptiClear mixed into Resque Crème for the affected area. In addition, I recommended that she drink Rooibos Detox and Green Teas every day. The leg already feels much better and is no longer as sensitive as it used to be. Rita is also able to sleep much better since using the Annique products I recommended.

Annique products helps reduce scars on injured legs

Resque CrèmePaul Louw, who was injured in a motor accident 13 years ago injuring his legs, has tried numerous medical treatments to reduce the scars without success. After two weeks of using Annique products he is now seeing results.

Thirteen years ago I was injured in a motor accident where the lower part of my left leg was seriously broken and my right leg and muscles were damaged. I had an external fixator placed on my left leg which doctors found not to be working meaning the blood flowed to my lower leg but not back up again.

I developed venus ulcers and blood clots in both legs and was treated by various doctors and specialists at various hospitals. The blockages in the veins were removed and I had three skin grafts done, but none of the treatments helped. All ended unsuccessful due to the oozing of the wounds that caused the skin not to be able to attach properly on the wounds.

In November 2012, Marie du Plessis and Chris Pohl came to talk to me about my legs and show me what Annique products can do for my problem. I was very sceptical because nothing medical could help my legs. They had so much trust in these products that they said they will sponsor me a month in products to see if there would be an improvement.

The products they gave me included Relax Tea, Detox Tea, Nightrest Tea, Body Xpert Repair and Protect, OptiC and Resque Crème. After two weeks of using the products, I could recommend them to anyone as I can feel a difference in my legs.

The wound on the left leg stayed the same length but shrunk in width and the wound on the inside of the right leg was really deep, but there was an improvement as the flesh grew back. The depth of this wound is now gone and is almost healed. It appears as if the skin is growing on the inner leg. I can’t see the wound on the right side of the right leg properly, but I believe there is an improvement.

The healing over the last few weeks has been absolutely unbelievable and at this rate I believe I will be able to walk around in shorts in the next six months. Previously I was taking 10 to 15 headache powders per day for the pain and discomfort, but now I only drink one or two per day at most when necessary.

In November 2012 I also cut my right pointer finger and thumb with a chain saw. I put Resque Crème on both fingers and three days later my finger was healed, 10 days later my thumb was healed. I am sincerely grateful to Marie and Chris and can with the greatest ease recommend Annique products. It’s now five months since I started treatment and the improvement is remarkable.

Paul Louw, Pretoria
Essense Intense Repair Serum relieves nose irritation

A few months ago I was diagnosed with rosacea on my nose. It was extremely irritating and unattractive and I was downhearted. The dermatologist prescribed two ointments, which helped to a degree, but the irritation as well as a rough texture on my nose persisted. I started applying Essense Intense Repair Serum at night, which quickly relieved the irritation. I have also been using Youth Boost and Forever Healthy OptiAgeing capsules for the past month. The irritation has completely disappeared and there is only a tiny rough spot on my nose, almost the size of a very short strand of hair, which I am sure will soon be gone.

Marietha Bester, Parow

Pet Stories

Annique dog stays 'Forever Young'!

OptiCalMagMy Great Dane, Mienke, is beautiful, well behaved and an absolute pleasure to have around. Recently, however, she started digging up bones that she had been burying in the garden for years. Of course my husband became very upset and annoyed with her. To me it seemed to be a calcium deficiency. She was immediately put onto the Annique Forever Healthy OptiCalMag. I gave her two on the first day and after that, one a day. After only two days, I had a happy dog and a happy husband… thanks to Annique Forever Healthy OptiCalMag.

I must add that most Great Danes have a life expectancy of seven to eight years. Mienke is already 12 years old! She is an Annique and a Rooibos dog, so that means she stays ‘Forever Young’!

Annique creates life-changing opportunities - even for cats

Babs is my four-year-old cat. She is quick to show her displeasure for something and, because of her fussiness, only the best is acceptable to her. She has always had a love of boxes and more specifically Annique boxes. Once an Annique parcel is unpacked, she immediately jumps into the box and can spend hours in it. She is also very fond of the bag, specifically the rooibos-coloured one. Babs has even swapped her spot on the bed for an Annique box, which she now sleeps in. Since Babs discovered Resque Hair Nutrition+ recently and uses it regularly, her coat is shiny and beautiful and her hair loss is significantly less. Babs is very proud of her appearance and health and therefore Annique in all its forms, from product to boxing, is her favourite.

Dog back to normal thanks to OptiClear

OptiClearMy dog was diagnosed with tick bite fever. After we forced medication down her throat, she soon recovered from the illness. But, she also started acting strangely. The vet seemed puzzled and hospitalised her for observation. My suspicion was that she was reacting to the medication. I quietly gave her two Annique Forever Healthy OptiClear capsules. A few hours later the vet phoned to tell me that her condition had suddenly improved and she seemed normal. They did, however, keep her another day to make sure that she was fine. The next day she was bright eyed and bushy tailed.