What more can you ask for than a RELAXED and FUN opportunity that can change your life forever? The BEST and EASIEST way to expose people to the LIFE-CHANGING world of Annique and its Rooibos products is through a Pamper Party.

A Pamper Party is an OPPORTUNITY for people to TOUCH and FEEL the amazing Annique products and be exposed to expert KNOWLEDGE about the miraculous Rooibos-enriched products, in s small and cosy group.

The INTIMACY of a Pamper Party offers ANYONE the opportunity to EXPERIENCE the difference in their skin after the use of the amazing Annique products, and ask experienced Consultants those QUESTIONS about skin care that you always wanted to ask.

Benefits of hosting an Annique Pamper Party:

  • Creating a relaxed environment for people to experience Annique’s products.
  • Managing your time effectively by only inviting a smaller group of people.
  • Offering attendees the opportunity to experience the life-changing opportunities Annique creates.

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