Annique’s biggest asset is its people, who create life-changing opportunities through the Annique Health and Beauty business opportunity and products.

These opportunities manifest in several success stories – people that have turned their lives around and started living their dreams!

Ernest du Toit – Annique CEO

Creating life-changing opportunities that empower people is Ernest du Toit’s passion and purpose. His heartbeat is to create an environment where every individual has the opportunity to maximise their potential and realise personal and professional growth and development.

Ernest’s career has seen him develop his skills in marketing, sales, strategy development and general management, over more than 30 years. During this time he worked with the packaging giant, Tetrapak, and at South African Breweries head office, after which he acquired and ran his own advertising agency.

With over two decades of experience in the world of direct selling, both in South Africa and internationally, Ernest says, “There is no greater arena in the world than the direct selling industry, to fulfil my role as an optimiser of people’s potential. It is gratifying to see lives turned around personally, professionally and financially; to see people realise their potential, to lift their self-limiting beliefs and to provide a vehicle for thousands of people to achieve their dreams, their passion and their purpose.”

Angelique du ToitAngelique du Toit – Annique Director

Angelique du Toit is Businesswoman, Conference Key-Note Speaker, Seminar Facilitator and Author of substance and style, who encourages people to live with greater purpose, passion and productivity in a meaningful, inspirational and instantly applicable way. Having no high school education, she was equipped only with what everyone else in life has – the power of choice! She turned what seemed a dead-end road, into an opportunity to crown her life, business and future with abundant success.

AnniqueElizma Du Bois & Lettie Visser

After the sudden death of Lettie Visser, Annique’s Number 1 Consultant, in October 2012, Elizma du Bois, her daughter, sprang into action to take the wheel of her mom’s multi-million Rand business. Consultants across the country fondly remember Lettie with sadness in their hearts, as they saw her as a friend, mentor and mother. Elizma has taken time out to spend with each leader, to understand them and their life challenges, to encourage them to live out what Lettie taught them and to value their time and effort invested in the business.

Fransie du Plessis

Originally a stay-at-home mom with four children, Fransie du Plessis, Annique’s Number 2 Consultant, joined the business in 1981, because Annique products helped her with her dry skin. Many people asked how she got her skin to look so good, so Fransie phoned Dr Theron to set up a Pamper Party at her house to make it more convenient for people to buy Annique products. Fransie says her aim was not to make money, but rather that she wanted to make it convenient for people to access the products.

Elmien GoosenElmien Goosen

Elmien Goosen, Annique’s Number 3 Consultant, who was originally a secretary, decided to join the Annique business in 1982, after realising that it would offer her the opportunity to determine her own working hours and salary. Elmien says that with Annique she has only had opportunities and it has been easy to maintain a positive attitude, as she hasn’t had any career disappointments in the business. “I believe I will be running my business until I am 100 years old. With Annique you always have work and money and there is never a dull moment,” she says.

Leslie GroblerLeslie Grobler

Originally a trained lawyer, Leslie Grobler, Annique’s Number 4 Consultant, was so impressed by the products over 25 years ago when she first tried them, that she quickly transformed her love for people and Annique products into a successful Annique business. Today, Leslie motivates her team of Consultants, speaks at Lifestyle Slimming Club launches and invests time in leadership development. Her leaders say that she is a true mentor with a winning attitude who leads by example. “Annique provides me with financial freedom, great joy and a fun way to make money,” says Leslie.

Sanette HornSanette Horn

Sanette Horn, originally a manager at a financial services company, joined Annique in 1987 as she wanted to spend more time with her children and determine her own salary. Sanette goes out of her way to help all Consultants and can see a solution for any challenge. She applies logic during strategy meetings, spends hours on the phone to her leaders and is always available to attend their team meetings. Sanette’s Consultants say she is one of the most inspiring business women they have ever met.

A huge focus on Annique’s events is to reward and recognise Consultants for creating life-changing opportunities. The company hosts Annique Team Meetings and a Jubilee during the year, as well as a glamorous Première. Top performing Consultants are also rewarded in the form of international incentive tours.