AnniqueChange Your Life Forever

People’s lives are filled with increasing demands and everyone craves a little me time once in a while. Annique has the solution with added benefits:

The most exciting way to create life-changing opportunities, spoil your friends, share tips and enjoy being pampered is by inviting people to the opportunity to complete their own facial treatment, with the added benefits of Annique Rooibos products.

At an Annique Pamper Party or Colour Caress Cosmetic Workshop you will be introduced to the wonderful world of Annique Health and Beauty’s products, which will change your life forever. Both offer a fun environment where you, your family and friends can learn and experience more about different skin types, healthy solutions for skin problems, products of high quality and a business opportunity of a lifetime.

No standing in queues to pay, no mall chaos, no sore feet – just fun and pampering while you receive FREE skin-care and health advice.

What make these opportunities even more amazing is that we can customise them to suit your needs. Why not host a kitchen tea pamper party or treat an expecting mother with a make-up workshop?

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