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Plot to unseat traditional leader – in tea industry


South Africa’s local elections are here and it has been revealed that a different kind of change is brewing in homes around the country. Read all about it here.

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Ladies, drink Rooibos tea for your health


It’s women’s month. The perks of being a woman are endless. But, the best spoil must surely be enjoying that calming cup of Rooibos tea at the end of a hard day to help you relax and improve your health.

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Catch Ernest du Toit on 702 discussing Direct Selling

Ernest du Toit talks about Direct selling on 702

Listen to Annique CEO and DSA Chairman Ernest du Toit on Radio 702 Tuesday, 19 July 2016, where he will be interviewed about the science of Direct Selling! Follow us on Twitter @AnniqueHB for snippets from the conversation.

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SA economy benefits from direct selling


During difficult economic times, people often cut down on their consumption, Ernest du Toit, chairperson of the DSA said at the industry results announcement on Tuesday, 12 July in Johannesburg. “They need disposable income and look for job opportunities.” Direct selling has become a viable option for employment.

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Social Media Workshop for Annique Consultants


Reach the new generation and grow your business. An invitation to all Annique Consultants to learn how to become visible on social media. Presented by Annique Executive Angelique du Toit and Bayley Jones from Halo Effect.

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CONGRATS Selfie Winners!

Blog image

The Pomegranate lipstick selfie competition was such a success, we decided to reward a few of the other entries as well. Here are the winners and what they won. We also asked two of our top entries about their favourite Annique products.

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Drink Rooibos tea for colds and flu


Trying to dodge cold and flu germs during the coming season should be declared a winter sport! This year, we’ve asked Annique Consultant and health guru, Petro Beauvais, to give us her fail-proof, Rooibos recipe for colds and flu.

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Make the healthy choice, drink Rooibos!


South Africa is a tea-drinking nation and annually consumes hundreds of tonnes of the brew in all its varieties, but if you’re not discerning, your choice in tea could cause you a host of ills as a result of the high fluoride levels contained in certain teas.

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A healthy (and slimmer) new you!

Forget about crazy diets and extreme measures to get slim! The answer to reversing the effects of all those Sunday dessert calories may already be in your kitchen cupboard. Not only do celebs swear by it, but research has confirmed that drinking Rooibos tea can help you shed the bulge.

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Rooibos and Fitness


Fitness is all the rage these days, and for a good reason. How can you live life to the fullest if walking half a block or chasing your little ones around the garden leaves you breathless and ready to call it quits after five minutes? Well, Rooibos makes the process of getting back into shape […]

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International model loves Annique Rooibos products!

Model, Natasha Barnard, let it slip in a January 2014 issue of Finesse magazine that Annique is her favourite skincare brand! We asked this beauty from Witbank, who currently lives in New York City, to share some of her favourite Rooibos beauty secrets with us.

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Lose weight with Rooibos!


Did you know that about seven in 10 women and four in 10 men in South Africa are overweight? According to a study that was published in the medical journal, the Lancet, up to 42% of South African women are obese! As South Africans, we need all the help we can get to help us […]

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Boost your brain with Rooibos


Getting older often amounts to a lot more than simply blowing out one more candle on your birthday cake. To keep your brain sharp, keep topping up your cup of Rooibos tea.

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Sleep like a dream with Rooibos!

tea sleep

Constantly yawning in the middle of a job interview or falling asleep in an important meeting are scenarios that all of us would want to avoid…Luckily, a simple switch to Rooibos tea can help with more shut-eye and less yawns.

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DIY Rooibos Beauty Recipes

Pretty woman

You don’t need to look further than the kitchen to give your skin and body a boost. Mix Rooibos with other natural ingredients, and spoil yourself with our homemade spa treatments from head to toe!

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Pretoria FM interviews Annique’s CEO, Ernest du Toit


On 3 March 2016, Annique CEO Ernest du Toit was interviewed on Pretoria FM. He spoke about Annique Health and Beauty, Dr Annique Theron and direct selling.

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Annique Theron 2009 foto

A tribute to Dr. Annique Theron, the Mother of Rooibos.

In sharing this tribute, we have the honour and privilege of celebrating both the life and legacy of Annique Theron. We are celebrating the life of a woman who was strong, principled, focused, dedicated and with a degree commitment and resolve that is seldom seen. At the same time we celebrate a woman who was caring, compassionate and who built deep, intimate relationships with those within her circle of influence.

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SABC interviews Ernest du Toit about Rooibos

On 28 February 2016, our CEO, Ernest du Toit was interviewed on SABC regarding the Rooibos beauty secrets of the Hollywood celebrities. Watch the clip of the SABC interview below.

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Say goodbye to acne with Rooibos!


Say goodbye to acne with Rooibos! Rooibos reduces inflammation, provides strong antioxidants and contains zinc, which help to promote a clear and healthy skin.

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Use Rooibos as a natural lullaby for babies

New mothers will agree that there is nothing as exhilarating as their baby’s laugh and little that hurts more than their baby’s painful cry. If your little one suffers from colic, insomnia, food allergies, stomach cramps or eczema, Rooibos tea may be the perfect answer to your problems. For generations Rooibos tea has been used […]

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